Aquarium: Help

Aquarium Download Help:
Aquarium can be downloaded here. Choose the .zip or the .tar.gz file (depending on your operating system), download it, and extract it using compressed file extraction program (like Universal Extractor, 7zip, or WinZip).

Aquarium Installation Help:
In the extracted folder that you got from the process above (Aquarium-1.0), there is a folder called 'aquarium'. Copy this entire folder to your server's root directory.

Aquarium Usage Help:
To use Aquarium in your PHP script, add the following code:
require_once( "/aquarium/filter.php" );
Now suppose you have some text in a variable $unfiltered. You can make Aquarium filter the text like so:
$filtered = filter( $unfiltered );
echo $filtered[0]; // The text with all bad words replaced with asterisks
echo $filtered[1]; // The number of seconds Aquarium took to filter the text
echo $filtered[2]; // The total number of words there are in the text
echo $filtered[3]; // The total number of words that were filtered
Aquarium returns information about the filtering process in an array. You can use this information to do many things. For example:
echo round( 100 * $filtered[3] / $filtered[2] ) . "% bad words";
echo round( $filtered[2] / $filtered[1] ) . " words per second";

Other Help:
If you think you have found a bug or other problem, please let me know either here or through's bug report page.

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